Our Story

NJB Professional is an up-and-coming blog for professionals from all corners of the world. We know how lonely it can feel in the world of financial discussions – most of your friends and family probably aren’t interested or informed enough to have these kinds of conversations with you, and it can really be difficult to find peers who are on the same page or even a similar trajectory. Luckily with the advent of the internet the world is getting smaller. We can make a site like NJB Professional and you can instantly be connected with like-minded individuals from all over the globe.

Josh Smart

So whether you’re a hard working professional in a competitive and high paying career, or you’re trying to grow your wealth by passive income from real estate, we have articles for you. If you’re a self-starting entrepreneur trying to hack it on the path to independence, you’ll find that we have a lot to offer for you too. We want people trying their hardest to make a great life for themselves and their families to have a safe place to congregate. A place where they can ask each other questions, read about other’s experiences on similar life paths, and maybe even find their next business partners. If this all sounds good to you then that’s great – you’re in the right place here at NJB Professional.

Take a look around and see if we’re right for you. If we’re missing helpful information on a particular subject that you’re interested in please let us know. We’d love the chance to put together an article to try to answer your questions as best we can. When all is said and done, you can get back to work renewed and rejuvenated with new ideas and motivation that will help you take your future to that next level.