How To Stage Your Home For Maximum Appeal To Buyers

Real estate is a great way to increase your overall wealth. If you are trying to sell your home or have recently done so, you likely understand the importance and impact that a home staging can involve. Staging a home involves setting a home up in order to have the home look attractive for a potential buyer. Here are some considerations when looking to stage your home for maximum appeal to buyers.

Understand Your Life Situation when Home Staging 

The best way to stage a home is to have an empty house staged by a professional home staging company. A professional home staging company keeps abreast of the different home sale trends and can help to decorate a home in a way that is inline with the current home fashions. They assess what the market wants in a home, compare this to your home and current offerings, and then implement the appropriate home staging solution for you. 

However, all of this becomes more complicated when you are living in your home. If you actually have to live in your home while you are in the process of selling it, as many homeowners do, you will need to limit your home staging and deal with lesser staging efforts. You may not be able to completely turn your life upside down to stage your home and may need to keep track of a more limited home staging. 

Dealing with a Limited Home Staging 

Even if you are staging your home in a more limited fashion there are several things that you can do to increase the appeal of your home. To start with, keep your home as clean as possible and remove excess junk from your home and place it into a storage location. By using a home storage unit you can declutter your home and make your home look more modern and attractive to a potential home buyer than it would otherwise. 

Once your home’s clutter is removed you can stage your home for maximum appeal. Spend time to paint areas that are high traffic and may be looking old and dated. Even if your home is mostly newly painted, several quick painting touch ups can make a real difference in the appearance of your home. 

Think beyond the look of your home and into all of the senses. The sense of smell is always underrated and overlooked by people in all aspects of life. Using incense and other scents in your home can help to improve the appeal and is part of the home staging process. Heck, it is better to smell incense or candles than to get the smell of a worn home of mothballs. 

Hiding Problem Areas 

If you have parts of your home that are known problems then you will want to distract them from the eyesight of a potential home buyer. Basements are common spots with problems like termite damage and water on the surface of the basement wall. Instead of allowing these problems to be easily viewed, try painting the area, using a dehumidifier to kill the mold, and posters and other decorations to hide the other problems present. 

Staging an Empty Home 

If you have already moved out of a home than you can really stage the home for maximum appeal to a buyer. Hire a staging company to pull in furniture that is appropriate for the space. Many staging companies will use furniture that is smaller to make rooms look better and increase the look of a home. By doing so they can increase the appeal of the home for a buyer and make it look bigger and more attractive to a buyer. 

Many home staging companies will use modern furniture that allows for an uncluttered look. Decorations and pictures will help to make the home look attractive and move in ready. An home decoration company will even use plants as a way of further decorating a home and adding an new dimension to the home.

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